We are located in Mexicali, Mexico for a reason – actually, a multitude of reasons. Mexicali is the capital of the state of Baja California and a major gateway to the United States of America. The city is a thriving metropolis of over one million well- educated people with an unprecedented wealth of manufacturing experience. With an inexpensive, stable, and professional workforce, close proximity to the United States markets, cutting edge technology, abundant natural resources, world-class infrastructure, and globally competitive production costs, the capital of Baja California is an ideal location to manufacture just about any product.

While the decision to offshore your manufacturing operation to a low-cost location is an obvious solution for a multitude of businesses wishing to reduce production costs as well as reap the numerous additional benefits of not having to manufacture in-house, making the decision to locate your manufacturing operation offshore is only one small part of the entire process. Once the decision has been made to manufacture offshore, now you must determine where you want to go.

We are well aware that everyone has a choice concerning where in the world they do business.  When faced with the same decision for ourselves, we chose Mexicali, Mexico for the following reasons:

Exceptional Workforce

While many cities along the United States and Mexico border are by nature highly transient, the workforce in Mexicali is comprised of highly skilled and extremely stable personnel. Due to Mexicali’s exceptional educational opportunities and a deeply-embedded agricultural heritage resulting in numerous multi-generational families, the city is renowned for its secure labor pool and its unwavering focus on technical education. 

Strategic Location 

 Mexicali is blessed with an excellent location directly alongside the U.S. Mexico border right in the heart of Southern California. While this strategic geographic position is obviously ideal for shipping and receiving, additional benefits abound. For example, Mexicali’s close proximity to the United States greatly reduces communication time between partners, allows a stable and inexpensive logistical support system, and provides US businesses the ability to easily monitor the operation to ensure that every step of the receiving, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping process is being conducted exactly as planned. 


Modern Infrastructure

While many of the low-cost manufacturing regions around the world do not have the appropriate infrastructure to support world-class manufacturing operations, Mexicali, Mexico has thankfully taken a different approach.  Both the government and the business community have demonstrated their eagerness to encourage Mexicali’s growth by continuing to invest in new infrastructure and embracing modern technologies not yet available in many other parts of the world. Emerging technologies such as fiber optic transmission lines and fully integrated communications systems allow both local and foreign firms to connect directly and effortlessly to the rest of the world. With a fusion of old world stability and new era advances, Mexicali has become one of the most cost-effective regions for manufacturing on earth. 

Mexicali is also interconnected by an extensive railway network and enjoys access to the most modern port of entry between Mexico and the United States. 

Please feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have about whether or not offshoring your manufacturing in Mexico is right for you and we will do our absolute best to steer you in whatever direction is best for your company as it remains our policy to provide our customers (and potential customers) with as much information as possible so that they are able to make educated business decisions for themselves. 

Why Mexicali?