Our History

Throughout our thirty-plus year history of manufacturing in Mexico, we have serviced a broad customer base consisting of fortune 500 corporations as well as start-up companies from a wide range of industries. This has allowed us to cultivate an intimate understanding of the enumerable complexities experienced by modern manufacturers, and how to effectively address them. We know what it takes to bring a product to the marketplace, we also know how to get that same product to market at a lower cost.


The world of manufacturing is a constantly evolving environment in which one must be able to continuously improve in order to remain competitive. We understand the importance of continuous improvement and develop our entire business model around it. This is especially evident in the business relationships that we have with our customers.


We strive for open, honest, mutually-beneficial, long-term, business partnerships with all of our customers so as to be able to fully understand the ever-changing myriad of challenges that our customers face on a day to day basis. Once we understand the production-based challenges that exist with your operation, we will work together with you to help overcome them.


Please feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have about whether or not Calibaja is right for you and we will do our absolute best to steer you in whatever direction is best for your company

Our Experience

One of the major differences between CaliBaja Manufacturing and most of the other options for manufacturing in Mexico is that we are a maquiladora with a combined level of experience of literally hundreds of years.

Throughout our many years of manufacturing in Mexico, we have produced an incredibly diverse range of products which has given us first-hand experience with dozens of separate industries & processes – something that you will not find elsewhere in the maquiladora industry.

The following is a brief list of industries & processes for which we have extensive experience: 


  • medical device

  • electronics

  • packaging 

  • personal care

  • aerospace

  • entertainment

  • composites 

  • and, a literal myriad of other "widgets"

    • ...some of which you are intimately familiar with, others you have never even heard of.

It is upon the foundation of experience created from this diverse history that we are able to build our future... 

Our History / Experience