This is the most common follow up question after we tell someone that we are a contract manufacturer.  While the question is valid, as there are specific answers to the question at any given point in time, focusing on the products that we produce is most certainly not the best way to understand what we really do as a company and how we do it as we are in no way limited to producing the same type of products that we are currently producing or have produced in the past.  


The easiest way by far to understand if we would be able to produce your product is to simply speak with one of our Mexico manufacturing experts and explain what exactly your are looking to have produced.

If you would like to do some more research on your own, please take a look at the links below for more specific information on the various services that we offer:

"So what products do you manufacture?"

We Are A Contract Manufacturer

The term "contract manufacturing" is used to describe a business relationship in which one company (our customer) hires another company (us) to perform a manufacturing operation on their behalf.  This relationship is also known as "outsourced" production or manufacturing and is offered in many different configurations throughout the world.

Outsourced manufacturing is, and always has been, the lion's share of our business.  In the most simple terms, outsourced manufacturing describes a relationship in which our customers provide the equipment and raw materials and we are responsible for manufacturing the finished product according to the agreed upon quality specifications in our facility.